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Potsdam. The illustrated city guide (Terra Press)

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Im Stern-Center Potsdam:


Artikelnummer: 9783942917339
Autor/Verlag: Nölte, Joachim

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3., überarb. Aufl.
104 Seiten
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von 2017
Sprache: Englisch
4 tours through the classical parks and Potsdam city centre with photos and illustrations

20 maps with:
· Tour routes
· Sights
· Bus and tram routes
· Ferry routes

Additional information on interesting people and events

Practical information
· Accommodation
· Eating and drinking
· Theatres and museums
· Travel by train, car and boat
· Using public transport
· Information for persons with mobility restrictions

3rd updated edition

Person Nölte, Joachim
Autor Nölte, Joachim
Genre Reiseführer