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Potsdam Highlights (Jaron Verlag)

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Artikelnummer: 9783897738478
Autor/Verlag: Beeck, Clemens

[Fotos: Schneider, Günter]
112 Seiten
198 Fotos, 1 Übersichtskarte, 1 Liniennetzplan
von 2018
Sprache: Englisch
Potsdam Highlights is a special kind of travel guide: an opulent illustrated book and informative reference manual all in one.
The journalist and book author Clemens Beeck and the photographer Günter Schneider present the city's attractions from A to Z in 42 chapters. With nearly 200 high-quality photographs, a city and public transportation map, two registers and a compact information section.
Potsdam Highlights - the useful companion to everyone eager and curious to discover the Brandenburg state capital.

Person Beeck, Clemens
Autor Beeck, Clemens
Genre Reiseführer