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How to Prevent the Next Pandemic (Penguin Random House Knopf)

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Artikelnummer: 9780593534489
Autor/Verlag: Gates, Bill

304 Seiten
von 2022
Sprache: Englisch
From the author of the #1 New York Times best seller How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The COVID-19 pandemic isn t over, but even as governments around the world strive to put it behind us, they re also starting to talk about what happens next. How can we prevent a new pandemic from killing millions of people and devastating the global economy? Can we even hope to accomplish this?

Bill Gates believes the answer is yes, and in this book he lays out clearly and convincingly what the world should have learned from COVID-19 and what all of us can do to ward off another disaster like it. Relying on the shared knowledge of the world s foremost experts and on his own experience of combating fatal diseases through the Gates Foundation, he first helps us understand the science of infectious diseases. Then he shows us how the nations of the world, working in conjunction with one another and with the private sector, can not only ward off another COVID-like catastrophe but also eliminate all respiratory diseases, including the flu.
Here is a clarion call strong, comprehensive, and of the gravest importance from one of our greatest and most effective thinkers and activists.